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RedMoxy Minute: The #1 Misconception About Building a Website

posted April 10th 2017, 1:20 pm by Nicole Nelson

RedMoxy Minute: The #1 Misconception About Building a WebsiteThere's plenty of misconceptions about building a website that we hear on a weekly - if not daily- basis. In fact, we hear so many misconceptions that I wrote a whole blog post about it on Friday. Check out the entire post here.  Today, though, is a RedMoxy Minute Monday, so I only have time (1 minute's worth of time) to share one of the misconceptions referenced in that blog post. Luckily, there's one misconception that definitely stands out from the rest. This is the #1 misconception about building a website that we hear. To learn what it is (and prepare your internal team for it), watch the video below.

RedMoxy Minute: The #1 Misconception About Building a Website

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