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Founded in 1896, Banker Wire is the premier producer and supplier of wire mesh fabrics in North America.

Banker Wire is the quality-first, world-leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications.

Banker Wire’s wire mesh had been steadily developing an international reputation for quality and superiority. At the same time, their markets and opportunities for growth were expanding at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, their website, SEO and marketing materials were under-developed.

Banker Wire needed a team that could drive strong SEO success in a highly-competitive, global market. They needed a team that could transform their website content and imagery into a state-of-the-art centerpiece for their organization while improving usability and SEO. Banker Wire needed a reliable, quick-responding team who could deliver creative ideas and modern strategy – and execute them better than any other agency. They needed an experience they’d never had before with a marketing agency and they had understandably high standards.

RedMoxy began with a rapid onsite and offsite SEO assessment and audit. We returned with a robust, actionable multi-step plan to drive Banker Wire’s SEO upward for the keywords and phrases our tools identified as ideal for their targeted audiences.

RedMoxy hit the ground running with intense onsite improvements, content additions and structure redevelopment. We then paired those updates with offsite link development, influencer development, coordination and website globalization practices.

RedMoxy delivered Banker Wire a level of SEO success they’d never experienced before, even moving a strategic set of keywords to the first page nationally, which Banker Wire had previously thought to be impossible. RedMoxy continues to serve Banker Wire as its strategic marketing partner and delivers SEO, website design and ongoing digital and traditional marketing.

"In 2017, RedMoxy delivered our best year so far. They dramatically improved our SEO ranks for the keywords we targeted and substantially grew our traffic and quality leads, all while significantly reducing spam traffic and bad leads. Partnering with RedMoxy is a decision you won’t regret."

- Harrison Horan
Vice President of Banker Wire

RedMoxy’s broad experience with manufacturers allowed us to give Banker Wire real, quantifiable marketing returns. Banker Wire has gained an agency partner focused on their unique challenges and are now much more equipped with top-of-the-line marketing strategy and execution that maintains and grows their enviable, industry-leading position.